Sovereign Mintages

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The aim of this website is to list mintages for all sovereigns minted for each mint.  The information was gleaned mostly from the UK publication Coin's Year Book 1992.  Eventually, all sovereign details from 1817 will be listed, but for now, only those from 1887 on are listed.

The sovereign has been minted in one form or another since 1489.  In 1989, a special quincentennial sovereign was struck to celebrate the 500th anniversary.

Since the recoinage of 1817, the sovereign was minted in most years from then until 1916 in London.  During Victoria's reign, sovereigns were minted in Australia, and during Edward VII and George V's reigns, mints in India, Canada and South Africa also produced sovereigns.  The last 'regular' sovereign was minted in South Africa in 1932.

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An example of the classic "George & the Dragon" sovereign design

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