Note that although this is a fully-working program, if you find it useful you are encouraged to send a small amount to register it (NOW ONLY $1, 1 or 1); once paid, you will receive a fully-registered copy (and any subsequent updates). Details may be found on the front screen, or from the "Help" and "Order Info" menu option.

ALL functions of the program are available in the attached, unregistered download - however, payment of the registration will remove the opening "Order Info" screen for good! 

Currently, the registration fee is:

Region Basic one-time fee CD cost
US $1 $5
UK 1 5
Europe 1 5

Payment is accepted as follows:

Currency $, and
Cheque / Check $ and only
Money Order $ and only
PayPal / NoChex any currency* (including credit cards)
 - send to, or use one of the links below:

I prefer PayPal
For $US

Alternative method for GBP

Now you can register from within WordFind without the need to email another version of the program to you!  Simply click on "Help" then "Register".  After noting the machine code, email that code to me and I'll send you the unlock code upon receipt of the funds.  The registration screen looks as follows:

CD-Rom versions are available; add the amount listed in the "CD" column above to the basic registration fee.  Note that this extra CD charge will be levied each time you need a new version (as it covers cost of CD and postage), but the basic registration fee is payable only once.

Of course, to have the EXE files emailed to youor if you go through the manual registration process, it costs nothing extra, and is the preferred method of transfer.

*Note: To defray PayPal costs, please add $0.50 / 0.50 / 0.50 if paying with PayPal. Thank you!

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